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Where I Belong #2020

Where I Belong In the hot desert of Somalia Mahmoud is kidnapped and held for a ten thousand dollar ransom His older sister Khadija is in London thousands of miles away and yet Mahmoud s life is in her hands Som
  • Title: Where I Belong
  • Author: Gillian Cross
  • ISBN: 9780823423323
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the hot desert of Somalia, Mahmoud is kidnapped and held for a ten thousand dollar ransom His older sister, Khadija, is in London, thousands of miles away and yet Mahmoud s life is in her hands Someone has discovered her identity, that she is Qarsoon the Hidden One the face of famous fashion designer Sandy Dexter s newest collection Who can Khadija trust to help herIn the hot desert of Somalia, Mahmoud is kidnapped and held for a ten thousand dollar ransom His older sister, Khadija, is in London, thousands of miles away and yet Mahmoud s life is in her hands Someone has discovered her identity, that she is Qarsoon the Hidden One the face of famous fashion designer Sandy Dexter s newest collection Who can Khadija trust to help her She now must appear as planned on the Fashion Week runway Only then can she possibly earn the money to save Mahmoud s life Also embroiled in the mess is Abdi, a fourteen year old boy coming to terms with the mysterious disappearance of his father, and Freya, the totally unfashionable daughter of Sandy Dexter, trying to find her place in her mother s world of haute couture Gillian Cross s exciting new novel grapples with issues of identity, trust, and family.
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    There are not enough books like this.Ripped from the headlines, high action, high suspense, multiple perspectives, short chapters, girl appeal, boy appeal, internet safety tips, world awareness I could go on and on.Abdi is technically from Somalia But he s never lived there His mother moved to the Netherlands before he was born, and he s lived in England for several years He s 14 Khadija loves Somalia She lived there until recently, when her father paid for her to illegally emigrate to England, [...]

    I really wish the photo uploaded to of the cover looked better because the cover of Where I Belong is simply stunning with the bright blue peeking out from the solemn veil LOVE ETA It s fixed, huzzah Looking at the cast of characters, you probably think there s a love triangle WRONG Abdi, Khadija and Freya are just friends and that is marvelous There is no romance in this book It s purely a story of friendship, adventure and fashion I suppose that could count as a spoiler but whatever if you onl [...]

    This book has a lot of things going on, but it manages to do moat of it well Khadija s discovery by th fashion world is far fetched but it allows for a variety of perspectives and interpretations of Somalian life The kidnapping storyline is underdeveloped but brings all the characters and two countries together Where this book shines is its depiction of Somalian culture from various points of view native, first generation immigrant, westerners The author does a fantastic job at describing the ge [...]

    The first two chapters were lovely, and drew me in with quick, thoughtful storytelling that captured the personalities of the characters without turning them into caricatures of their nationality Obviously Ms Cross can write, and write well.Then the third chapter, the first from Freya s point of view, let all the air out my enjoyment with what seemed like a very forced attempt at a distinctly western teenage voice I m not British maybe British teens sound like that But the prose and, in particul [...]

    Pulled in first by the cover, this was a random find while roaming the shelves in the library.Abdi is a fourteen year old Somali refugee who has never been to Somalia, since his mother fled to the Netherlands before he was born His family then moved on to England, where they saved for years to bring his father to London Abdi s father is not one of the lucky ones and he disappears before making it to his family in England.Kadija is the oldest of our trio and not going by her real name When her re [...]

    The reason behind making the decision of reading this novel was the distinctive cover , preface, and introduction When the class went down to the library choosing a book to read, I discovered this particular book joined different topics and contained a different theme than any other book I ve read before It affiliated Somali culture with couture fashion in England, kidnapping,and extortion all together The story is told through the views of three teenagers Khadija, whom we really don t know her [...]

    Where I Belong, written by Gillian Cross, is a high speed drama that keeps your head spinning in circles I highly recommend this novel to anybody who likes dramas, and mysteries, this is not the basic who done it story, it s of a high pressure situation.The novel is semi predictable but never the less a great story Also the story through three teenagers The narration rotates each chapter between Abdi, Khadija whose real name is never told, but has a nickname Geri , and Freya Another unique form [...]

    I personally did not like this book It was decent at most The beginning 70 pages or so were very slow and super boring Later in the story suspense increased and the story got better Overall, I would not recommend this book to others.

    Where I Belong was an exciting book about the origins of a Somali model It s the kind of book you could easily read in a day, especially when you re looking for something entertaining but not too empty The story is written from three first person points of view Abdi, a Somali British boy Khadija, a Somali immigrant to England and Freya, the Anglo daughter of a fashion designer There is also one third person account of Khadija s brother, Mahmoud While hearing from so many characters kept up the s [...]

    The reason that I chose this book is that I like to read some Muslims books fiction and mysteries book Also, I got recommend for this book for good reads and I thought this book will be good to read and that is why I chose this book to read The genre of this book is fiction but sometimes it looks like mystery fiction So the real genre of this book is Muslim religious fiction The author of this book is called GILLIAN CROSS This book was published in 2010 This book is about a girl whose name Khadi [...]

    The reason I picked up this book was that the cover photo intrigued me and the name Gillian Cross rang a bell It turns out that I read Tightrope when it first came out, or at least when it first showed up at my library My library seems to be getting books by English authors these days Most of Gillian Cross s books have never made it across the pond.The book was interesting because I know almost nothing about Somalia Young adult readers need books about Africa and other countries where people d [...]

    An interesting trend this year seems to be books with a setting in Africa This one s got Somolia as a backdrop, though the bulk of the story takes place in Britain Cross s novel explores the idea of identity as it intersects with history and family The story s told through three voices, though I never once felt any of the voices were distinct I found Abdi, the male voice, decidedly female throughout and was a little surprised it wasn t when I found out I was confused by the bold text at the end [...]

    The first day you come to a new country, you have to adjust to the new culture The main character was born in the Netherlands Cross 4 , so moving to Somalia, which was a new country for her was difficult to get used to What about the next day, while trying to deal with the new life, you are discovered to be a model Her father would always spin the globe and point to Somalia saying That s where you belong Cross 3 This novel, Where I Belong, by Gillian Cross, is a book for high fashion lovers and [...]

    This is a book about culture, and how varying nations differ because of wealth, but little else There are a mix of cultural scenarios introduced through the perspectives of three vastly different protagonists Khadija a girl forced to leave her home because of a drought, Abdi whose an ethnic minority in England, and Freya the daughter of a popular British fashion designer This book wasn t what I expected, it was much unique Somalia isn t a country often bought into fiction, and so theres a great [...]

    Ages 12 14 Khadija has been sent to London to get an education, while the rest of her family is starving in Somalia There she is discovered by Sandy Dexter, famous fashion designer, and hired to be the model for Sandy s new line based on the clothing of Somalia But Sandy s success depends on Khadija keeping this a secret from everyone The only person she tells is her brother Mahmoud, in an email she sends to Somalia from an internet station in the neighborhood restaurant Then she gets a phone ca [...]

    This book has an extremely eye catching front cover, but I found it fairly slow until nearly the middle of the book Written in three voices Abdi a half Dutch and half Somalian boy living in London , Khadija the beautiful Somalian girl trying to earn money in England to send back to her struggling family and Freya daughter of a famous fashion designer , at times it was difficult to separate the voices, especially those of Abdi and Khadija The three teenagers lives become entwined when Freya s mot [...]

    Well, Ms Cross is a good storyteller She is capable of keeping her readers interested, but I don t understand why she had to use three voices to tell the story if they are all alike She should have kept them distinct or used one voice to tell the story.Besides, I dunno why she made Freya end the story, why didn t she let Khadija tell the end of the story It would have been moving she is the only one who can describe her intense feelings accurately, isn t she Ms Cross has a keen eye for details [...]

    I picked up this book because I was deliberately looking for something different specifically, something that wasn t a story about a white, well educated, western young woman I definitely got that here Where I Belong is told in three points of view, two of which are Somali migrants to Britain I also got a wonderful story about love, and trust, and change, and well, life.The characters were compelling, the writing was strong and the structure was masterful As a cynical, western reader I could see [...]

    Having never read anything Headmaster related, this is my second book of Gillian Cross first was The Elephant Chase and I love it She tells a story, and a story worth reading There s heaps of action, yet not too much to make it unbelievable, or distract from the main point and or characters.Initially I thought this would be a bit like Waris Dirie, focusing on a Somali girl becoming a topmodel despite obvious setbacks I was wrong thank God The story is gracefully told, all bits and pieces and clu [...]

    This would be considered a MG YA Middle Grade Young Adult which I received as an ARC, and since my reading pile was almost depleted I decided to check it out A young Somali girl is sent from her homeland, a harsh and politically turbulent environment in which her family are suffering, to live in England with a Somali family She is her family s best hope for salvation If Khadja is well educated, she will be able to earn a living and send money home to her family, and it will be worth the sacrific [...]

    Thoroughly enjoyed this A very strong novel, with some serious research behind it The elements sound outlandish refugees supermodels, but read as plausible I m surprised I hadn t come across this book before, I hope teachers and school librarians have come across it as I think it d be a great tool for broadening young people s perspectives and fostering cross cultural understanding I felt that cultural stereotypes were faced head on and discarded deftly And that the familiar narrative of a white [...]

    Fourteen year old Abdi, from Somalia but living in London, and his family house a thirteen year old Somalian refugee, Khadija,so she can attend school and eventually help her family Suddenly Khadija is handpicked to become a model for a famous fashion designer, who is developing a Somalian style of clothing, and Khadija knows she can help her family with this work, but she has strict orders to tell no one Khadija emails her brother and gives him the news and soon after, Khadija s brother is kid [...]

    This book was a great combination of the fashion industry and the extreme poverty of Somalia A strange combination to be sure, but it works Told by three narrators we get the first person insights of a Somalian girl who s been transplanted to England without her family, a Somalian boy who s never seen Somalia, and the daughter of a super famous fashion designer whose newest obsession is Somalia It s never preachy or didactic and you empathize with all three narrators, rooting for them to come to [...]

    International intrigue, ransom, travel and fashion all wrapped up in one novel Khadijia is modeling in London when she hears her brother has been kidnapped in Somalia She must free him without letting others know that she has been secretly hiding her own identity At the same time, Abdi and Freya, are making some pretty intense decisions themselves Can Mahmoud be saved Choices, trust, and betrayal are the underlying themes of this action packed novel for teens.

    Wonderfully heart wrenching story of 2 families 1 lives In Somalia but sends their oldest daughter to England to stay with the 2nd family.The story weaves between Somalia and England and connects the 2 in various ways Where i belong which character belongs in England Which one belongs in Somalia A wonderful tale of living in 2 different worlds, different cultures, different homes.where exactly does one really belong

    When an author writes about a culture other than their own, there is always the risk that there will be some cultural misrepresentation That is true in this caseHOWEVER, combining fashion with a tautly paced thriller makes for quite an entertaining read Will definitely be hand selling this one, particularly to my Somali teenswho will probably just feel superior when they notice the author used the wrong word for mom.

    The setting is London and Somalia, which is a first for this book list This may be a good, general introduction to the complexities of that country The complications were a little too easily solved, but it all held together Told in pov of three characters I would have liked Khadija to have sounded less English European but otherwise a great YA read for those who like fashion and suspense.

    I enjoyed this story of a young person who is caught up in the world of fashion after being an immigrant to the UK from Somalia The story is told from different peoples viewpoints throughout, which gives it a little different perspective and allows the reader to understand the characters and their actions.

    I like the look into other cultures and the different issues that are then involved This book had a variety of viewpoints from the 3 teenage main characters, 2x refugees 1 as a child 1 as a teen and then 1 other teen from a tricky family situation.I really liked it and will be recommending it to kids at school who like realistic fiction but with different perspectives.

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