Wanting Sheila Dead

Wanting Sheila Dead #2020

Wanting Sheila Dead Sheila Dunham is the famously offensive host of America s Next Superstar Celebrity gossip columnists love her The female contestants on her new reality television show Not so much On the first day of
  • Title: Wanting Sheila Dead
  • Author: Jane Haddam
  • ISBN: 9780312547035
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sheila Dunham is the, famously offensive host of America s Next Superstar Celebrity gossip columnists love her The female contestants on her new reality television show Not so much On the first day of shooting, someone fires a gun at her and misses her But the woman arrested at the scene isn t involved with the show and no one knows how she even got past security.TheSheila Dunham is the, famously offensive host of America s Next Superstar Celebrity gossip columnists love her The female contestants on her new reality television show Not so much On the first day of shooting, someone fires a gun at her and misses her But the woman arrested at the scene isn t involved with the show and no one knows how she even got past security.The house where the show s being filmed belongs to the family of Bennis Hannaford, wife of Gregor Demarkian A former FBI profiler, Gregor has no interest in getting involved in all this Sheila shooting nonsense Besides, he has other important business to attend to The Very Old Ladies in his Armenian American neighborhood are concerned about a stranger seen at the home of Sophie Mgrdchian, a Very Old Recluse who is soon found fighting for her last breath Meanwhile the filming of America s Next Superstar is once again interrupted by gunfire and this time, it s fatal But the victim is not Sheila Dunham Yet.
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    Another lonely book that has been sitting on my shelf This is my first Jane Haddam and never heard of Gregor Demarkian but I liked it I will look for Kindle offers and it won t even have to be free.

    A better title might have been, Who Doesn t Want Sheila Dead There is a murder during the new season of her reality showbut trust Gregor Demarkian to figure it all out Good read

    26 in the Gregor Demarkian police procedural series set in Philadelphia.Jane Haddam, as an author, drives me crazy because her books are so uneven You can have a tautly written, well plotted police procedural followed ranting polemic against some aspect of US life or culture, followed yet again by a very good if not spectacular story That about describes the trajectory of her last three books so, you never know what you re going to get when you open the cover, either literally or metaphorically [...]

    Some people will do ANYTHING to get onto a reality show, especially one that doesn t require you to have talent, beauty or any skills whatsoever Someone might even consider killing the vile bitch in charge So why does someone ELSE wind up dead The media s anointed Armenian American Hercule Poirot, Gregor Demarkian, is called in by the show s producers to figure out what s behind all this, even though he maintains he doesn t work with private citizens he s strictly a consultant to police departme [...]

    Sheila, host of a reality show, is famous for behaving horribly toward people The anonymous young woman who shoots at Sheila during the beginning of her next reality season is so predictable that it s a shock when her gun turns out not to have been loaded Death and detective work have to be accomplished among a group of young women isolated in a house full of live cameras.Back in Gregor s neighborhood, one of the Very Old Ladies has a questionable Mildly Old Lady staying with her, until they are [...]

    Finally Gregor investigates a mystery at home I have missed the characters on Cavanaugh Street for quite some time A Very Old Lady is found in a coma at home with another batty old lady mystery one and a young woman is killed at Bennis s family home during the filming of a reality TV series mystery two The social commentary is gentler and less political than recent books in the series Very rarely have I read a book just after reading the sneak peek offered in the paperback maybe I should start, [...]

    This book was a lot of fun Interesting structure for a mystery, characters who were memorable without being annoying, and the detective in it had just read some Agatha Christie novels so he kept talking about them and that was fun too.This is 26 in a series, so maybe I should look into the rest of these Demarkian novels from Ms Jane Haddam.It was also focused on the set of a reality TV show, much like Deus Ex Machina, which I reviewed negatively recently But while Deus Ex Machina took itself dea [...]

    I ve enjoyed this ongoing mystery series with its quirky characters Everyone seems within the realm of possibility, if not actually people living down the street from me This volume was an experiment I d read the first seven or eight, and then jumped to this one, which is something like 25 I was able to figure out what was going on with old plot news, so it might be possible to hop into this series farther down the line.One thing at least in the volumes I ve read is that Haddam confines her POVs [...]

    I haven t read much in this series, but I have enjoyed what I ve read I have think of the hero as an aggravating Sherlock Holmes as you don t see all the clues until the end or at least I haven t yet, and that is saying something It is interesting how the hero, Gregor Demarkian, relies on his Armenian American background for much of his deciphering of people s motives much like Agatha Christie s Miss Marple does, but where Miss Marple talks about motives most of the time, Gregor doesn t he does [...]

    There s trouble on Cavanaugh Street, as an elderly, reclusive Armenian widow disappears from sight and a strange woman is seen in her house But Gregor Demarkian is distracted when his brother in law rents Bennis s ancestral home to a reality television show run by Sheila Dunham, who is going to bully fourteen impressionable teenaged girls until she finds America s next celebrity When the shooting starts, everyone expects Sheila to be the victim, even Sheila But that s not what happens Demarkian [...]

    I have been reading this series, on and off, for years It features Gregor Demarkian, a likable, smart, but somewhat bumbling ex FBI agent It s definitely a cozy, set in the Armenian neighborhood of Philadelphia, with characters and relationships that reappear, grow, and become the reader s old friends I saw the author speak at a mystery conference, 20 ish years ago, and liked her very much In short, this is one of those series I slip into when I want to escape from it all They are always well wr [...]

    I like Gregor Demarkian mysteries, but they don t usually make me laugh out loud This one did twice I am still snickering over the idea of dozens of hamsters in a person s mind The story revolves around the attempted murder of a reality show host I liked the way it poked fun at the concept, even if I do watch some of the blasted things The minor plot has to do with the mystery of a little old lady in a coma and the woman who was living with her That had some interesting twists to it.I like Hadda [...]

    Another Demarkian book with 2 actual mysteries One is set on Cavanaugh Street and involves the suspicions of the Very Old Ladies regarding one of the residents, and the other concerns events surrounding a TV reality show Both mysteries unfolded in interesting waysWho is the woman who has suddenly appeared in the Cavanaugh Street home of an elderly woman with no family nearby, and why hasn t the elderly woman been seen lately And who is trying to kill Sheila , the TV reality show host After you m [...]

    Somehow I missed the last 2 Gregor Demarkian books, guess I was so relieved their wedding came off a year ago I forgot to look as the new ones were released Bennis and Gregor are back from their honeymoon and starting to settle in when a murder in Bennis family home takes them back to the first time they met, Gregor solving the murder of her Father This time though the house is the scene of the latest reality show but no one knows who the victim iswas she a rejected contestant or is something el [...]

    I ve liked Jane Haddam s books since she wrote as Orania Papazoglou Somehow I missed this one when it first came out, so I was happy to read it Gregor revisits the scene of the first book, where he met his wife Bennis The things change, the they stay the me But now he s finally married to Bennis The mystery centers around a reviled reality show host who is NOT murdered There s a secondary story set on Cavanaugh Street.It reads like a transitional book There s the usual social issue, the scenes [...]

    Gregor and Bennis are back from their honeymoon An old lady is found on the floor of her house with another old lady standing over her Eventually, the unconscious woman recovers and the other old lady is charged with murder she murdered the unconscious woman s sister in law Meanwhile, at Bennis s family home in Bryn Mawr a reality tv series is being filmed A girl is killed there and eventually another girl on the show is found to be the murderer.Bennis and Gregor buy the house of the formerly un [...]

    I enjoyed this mystery another in the Gregor Demarkian series It s set in Philadelphia and concerns two cases the apparent poisoning of an elderly lady and the attempted murder of Sheila Dunham, a TV reality show host Sheila is a particularly obnoxious character and it s easy to see why someone would want to murder her and you get an interesting perspective on the background to these shows There are distinct hints of Agatha Christie in this story which I found interesting and overall it was a co [...]

    I love Jane Haddam, but this was my least favorite of the series I get it Gregor Demarkian is world weary and spends a lot of time dithering That s okay but there was a lot of time devoted to making that point Perhaps Bennis and Gregor have jumped the shark Too much time spent on character development Whatever the case I felt that the mystery took a backseat to the ongoing story of Cavanaugh Street.

    Haddam is one of my go to authors When she has a new book, I purchase it I just lent my mother the first 7 books in the series I still love this series, but it is getting a bit predictable Not in terms of figuring out who did the murder though this is never why I read the books but the characters I m not as in love with Gregor as I have been in the past Though I still love Tibor , but I ll keep reading.

    This was a cozy mystery set in an Armenian neighborhood in Philadelphia It had some fun comments on the place of mystery books speaking of which, you are all my treasured friends I adore, but few of you read mysteries If you ve got other friends who do like mysteries, clue me in, OK I lean toward the cozy side.

    I really like the protagonist Gregor Demarkian books I believe he is myfavorite mystery detective He seems so human I will look up ofJane Haddam s books to continue to read about him To me the mysteriesare almost incidental to the Armenian American characters she writes about They are developed over a series of books.

    Not one of Jane Haddam s best, although I still enjoy her books There were two separate plots with too many characters, too many words that added nothing to the story I am remembering fondly the days when Gregor Demarkian s mysteries revolved around holidays The past three books have not been as skillfully woven as Haddam s earlier books.

    A reality show is being filmed in Philadelphia, and will ultimately take place in Engine House, the ancestral home of Demarkian s wife Bennis There s nobody who doesn t want Sheila, the bitchy host, dead, so suspects are plentiful Longstanding fans of the series will love it, as will fans of the cozy procedural.

    Great Jane Haddam The usual twisty mystery, this time two of them, although they re related in a way Fun references to current events, i.e a reality show that ends up with a murder The characters aren t quite as interesting as Somebody Else s Music, which remains my all time favorite Haddam But it s still thoroughly enjoyable.

    I have been reading this series for years, and continue to enjoy it as a rule This book was again entertaining Gregor is one of my favorite crime solvers and I also so enjoy his neighborhood I feel I would recognize it if I ever drove through it.

    Starts out slow Of course I really didn t care much about the silly girl or narcissistic reality show characters Once Gregor and friends get into it, the story moves along and as always contains than a few plot twists.

    A disappointment I usually regard Jane Haddam s mysteries as highly underappreciated hidden gems but this one disappointed The plot was just stupid and the characters stereotypic and boring but at least her writing style is still good.

    this book would make a great tv movie actually 2 good mysteries in plot, but one is overshadowed by a murder in the house of 15 women where a reality tv show is taking place enjoyable light read took me a little while to get into it had not read any of this series before.

    Uninteresting characters who I never cared about, slow, weird plot But, it did keep me guessing about who done it till the end This was my first book by this author and I doubt I ll read another.

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