Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India

Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India #2020

Sideways on a Scooter Life and Love in India When twentysomething reporter Miranda Kennedy leaves her job in New York City and travels to India with no employment prospects she longs to immerse herself in the turmoil and excitement of a rapidly
  • Title: Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India
  • Author: Miranda Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781400067862
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When twentysomething reporter Miranda Kennedy leaves her job in New York City and travels to India with no employment prospects, she longs to immerse herself in the turmoil and excitement of a rapidly developing country What she quickly learns in Delhi about renting an apartment as a single woman it s next to impossible and the proper way for women in India to ride scooteWhen twentysomething reporter Miranda Kennedy leaves her job in New York City and travels to India with no employment prospects, she longs to immerse herself in the turmoil and excitement of a rapidly developing country What she quickly learns in Delhi about renting an apartment as a single woman it s next to impossible and the proper way for women in India to ride scooters perched sideways are early signs that life here is less Westernized than she d counted on.Living in Delhi for than five years, and finding a city pulsing with possibility and hope, Kennedy experiences friendships, love affairs, and losses that open a window onto the opaque world of Indian politics and culture and alter her own attitudes about everything from food and clothes to marriage and family Along the way, Kennedy is drawn into the lives of several Indian women, including her charismatic friend Geeta a self described modern girl who attempts to squeeze herself into the traditional role of wife and mother Radha, a proud Brahmin widow who denies herself simple pleasures in order to live by high caste Hindu principles and Parvati, who defiantly chain smokes and drinks whiskey, yet feels compelled to keep her boyfriend a secret from her family.In her effort to understand the hopes and dreams that motivate her new friends, Kennedy peels back India s globalized image as a land of call centers and fast food chains and finds an ancient place where, in many ways, women s lives have scarcely changed for centuries Incisive, witty, and written with a keen eye for the lush vibrancy of the country that Kennedy comes to love, Sideways on a Scooter is both a remarkable memoir and a cultural revelation.
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    My biggest issue with this book was that some of it wast inaccurate, but so generalized and oversimplified that it can lead the reader to jump to inaccurate conclusions I noticed this most when she was talking about Hindi films because they re one of my big passions, but it was true in other sections of the book as well There was at least one genuine inaccuracy, too she claims at one point that Shah Rukh Khan has never kissed in a movie, but he has in Maya Memsaab, one of his early films Not a h [...]

    When I first stumbled across this book, I was expecting a one country remix of the hugely popular Elizabeth Gilbert memoir Eat, Pray, Love The subtitle Life and Love in India makes it sound a bit like another cliche rendition of the American girl has heart broken, moves abroad, meets new people, finds self, and then finds love again travel memoir that publishers have been snatching up lately So let s make this clear from the get go Sideways on a Scooter is not that sort of book and to try to lum [...]

    this was an interesting read But I have many issues with this book, especially as it is non fiction I am a resident Indian and I was shocked to see the India portrayed here Brahmins, with one or two exceptions, are shown as narrow minded, caste conscious group they loathe to eat food made by non Brahmins, they still are class conscious, they have antipathy towards Muslims I am a Brahmin, and the only brahmin like behavior I have is being a vegetarian that too not a pure veg as I eat eggs, onions [...]

    Being a regular listener to NPR s Marketplace despite its frequent China bashing over the years, I always find myself wondering how NRP s foreign correspondents such as Frank Langford, Miranda Kennedy, Louisa Lim, Anthony Kuhn got their gigs in the first place and what their lives are like in the countries they report from In Miranda Kennedy s case, this is a very entertaining and at times frustrating account of her attempts to assimilate into Indian society and her friendships with many women s [...]

    A very long book but maybe justified considering the subject There s a lot of the usual stuff firangi in India facing issues, etc However, the author lives in a non expat locale, has Indian friends and lives the Indian life for a few years complete with 3 4 maids help around the house and the rest of it She speaks of a lot of things that affected her or made an impact and most of them are predictable In fact, I learned a bunch of stats and details about Bollywood and poverty in India that I wasn [...]

    First of all, I get that this is a memoir but even with a memoir, the narrator can SHOW the story if they choose This entire memoir is TOLD Telling makes for very dull reading and I m sorry to say I fell asleep trudging along thru this one Good idea, just poor execution in my opinion Three women in India from three different situations, all trying to be independent However, the book at times comes across as a travel brochure for India and a history textbook on Indian history I did find myself fa [...]

    It took me quite a while to come to terms with this book While it was quite readable and I liked the author which is not necessarily required, but very helpful in a memoir , something just did not click with me At first I figured it must be because she was so young, and usually young people have no place writing a memoir But Ms Kennedy was actually living a pretty interesting life in a country I am quite curious about Kennedy was a freelance reporter living as a single western woman in India.I e [...]

    A pleasant surprise, so 3.5 I was fully expecting this to be a light, quick read of a fairly routine offering of the type where the author has taken herself off to some random place to find herself then does and writes a book about it At first it looked very much to be heading in that direction, Going to India was like a rite of passage, entwined with my very idea of myself Although the decision didn t make much sense to my friends, I had an idea that I would become my fullest, most interesting [...]

    When I picked up Miranda Kennedy s Sideways on a Scooter I expected the book to be about the author s experiences in adapting to a culture vastly different from what she was accustomed Thankfully, much of the book does not follow the author, as I found myself liking Kennedy less and less with every turn of the page The book does delve heavily into India s cultural differences and traditions, especially those concerning marriage and caste Fortunately, however, Kennedy begins focusing on how thes [...]

    Have you ever fantasized about quitting your job and moving to Asia If so, reading this book is a decent substitute for actually doing so Miranda is an ambitious, commitment phobic New Yorker who leaves behind her life to settle in Delhi, India and try to establish herself as a foreign correspondent What she finds is a country of contradictions where change sometimes seems to occur as slowly as it did thousands of years ago Just as I suspected in my college days of Bollywood film watching, the r [...]

    I read an advance, uncorrected copy of this book which I received as a giveaway Thanks all My schedule, which has recently been quite busy at work and home did not include any long trips, so this book languished on my to read pile for too long Comparisons to Eat, Pray, Love will certainly be made, but this is a different book Miranda Kennedy was a reporter who moved to India without an assignment with the goal of living there for some time, eventually practicing her craft So while Eat, Pray, Lov [...]

    I FINALLY read this I ve had it on my shelf for years It was interesting to read Miranda s experience It sounds like she was pretty honest with herself and her reader about some of the things she wrestled with while she was there Love and arranged marriage, caste system, etc I liked that she tried to understand represent the different viewpoints of her friends and the other people she met This book made me curious about what a person from India would think about how she represented the things sh [...]

    A memoir of a few years spent living in Delhi, this journalist in particular follows the lives of several women including friends and maids, opening up the world of contemporary Indian culture and showing that the caste system, poverty,and ancient customs still affect women s lives there, even with some improvements from globalization Told with humor, although some aspects of Indian life, the glaring poverty for people and animals , are just plain sad I give her alot of credit for affecting many [...]

    Although I enjoyed and expected to be reading about the lives of the Indian people that she interacted with for five years while living in Delhi, I actually found myself even curious about the author s life and work experiences Someone, please come with me to India

    I really enjoyed this I got a great feel for what life is like in modern day India, and let me tell you, it sounds like hell on earth But fascinating Especially interesting to hear about the whole marriage process Hard to believe arranged marriages are still going on.

    I so badly wanted to continue this I liked reading about Indian culture and it gave me insight than I thought I knew The author knows her stuff But, halfway thru this I just gave up Sometimes it just droned on and on.

    After having read this beautiful book, it s made me decide to officially become an armchair traveller of India this book has completely quenched all thirsts of my curiosity of all things India Nice job Will stick to books and Bollywood, happily

    I fell in love with this book and felt like I was there with her I thought I knew much about Indian culture from several Indian girlfriends, however their modesty and strength to just get on with things ensures their struggles are omitted from their stories I have a new understanding of their culture I feel like I understand my Indian friends when they complain about silly things like hiding eggs from their in laws or how it feels like details are tip toed around or left out of their wedding day [...]

    Yes, it is yet another book about India there have been a fair few over the past four years since we lived there, and not all them have been reviewed The country and its people baffle and intrigue, it frustrates and challenges, its all about globalisation and becoming an economic super power, yet deeply entrenched in its various cultures, religions and traditions Its diversity and beauty and ugliness make your head spin You can both love it and hate it several times a day, and yet, somehow, I do [...]

    A satisfying read De romanticized some of my preconceptions of modern India to a degree that I found a little dismaying at first, even if the ultimate impression is one of affection and respect for the people, country and culture The somewhat grouchy honesty extends to the author s depiction of herself as well, however, in a way that felt truly intimate and honest A bit of a slow start after which I had a hard time putting it down.

    Miranda did a excellent job of creating not just the text behind the conflicts of modern life for women living in Dehli today but created the total atmosphere of those conflicts, modern life and traditional expectations Would like to have heard about the places she was reporting on and her adventures there but that wasn t this book Worth a look Love the title.

    Easy to read book Loved all the stories the author shared Reminded me of my travels to India and how I d love to go back.Although light humoured, liked how she talked about the differences in western culture and India The caste system and arranged marriages.

    3.5 stars This memoir follows the author s journey after making the decision to move to Delhi and experience life in India She rents an apartment that s dingy by American standards but nice to the average Delhi resident, makes friends and acquaintances who are almost exclusively Indian, and sees her own outlook on life and love change as she stays there.The book is not so much about Miranda s life as it is about the lives of her Indian friends and acquaintances Geeta, who s unmarried and old by [...]

    This is a fascinating, insightful book as gripping as a good novel because it gives the reader an intimate glimpse into the hearts and minds of several Indian women navigating their lives in a country that s still bound by caste and tradition but modernizing at a dizzying pace There s lively, charismatic Geeta, a modern girl , who is nevertheless torn between hoping for a marriage arranged by her parents and finding herself a love match Parvati, another highly opinionated friend of author Mirand [...]

    The cover of Miranda Kennedy s Sideways on a Scooter, with its lanky Western woman walking, Abbey Road style, between two women in bright pink traditional Indian dress, suggests the all India version of Eat, Pray, Love So does the subtitle Life and Love in India In fact, there s a blurb on my copy assuring me that if you liked Elizabeth Gilbert s Eat, Pray, Love, you have to read this book I did like Eat, Pray, Love, but if you buy the book expecting Kennedy to do little but dish up her life s m [...]

    In short, this book is amazing I picked it up thinking I was going to get just a travel memoir type book, but it was so much Miranda Kennedy found the soul of India and wrote from there, and wrote about her experiences in a way that those of us who have never visited India before could perfectly picture what was going on I felt like I knew her friends, Geeta, Parvati, Radha, Maneesh, Usha, Azmat And although their lives are very different from mine in many ways, we are all the same, wanting and [...]

    Miranda Kennedy quits her NPR job and moves from NYC to Delhi to be a freelance reporter, expecting a grand adventure in the footsteps of her parents and great aunt She isn t expecting to find that certain things, taken for granted in the U.S will be difficult for a single woman Sideways on a Scooter is Kennedy s recounting of those difficulties, as well as the difficulties she sees women native to India experience She tells of close friendships she makes, of her observations of the dating and m [...]

    Because I m anticipating a trip to India, I ve been reading as much as I can, both fiction and non fiction, in order to better understand what I am going to encounter, including the assault on the senses Miranda Kennedy s book is a memoir, likened by some to Elizabeth Gilbert s Eat, Pray, Love Susan Cheever of Daedalus Books says, If you liked that book , you have to have this book I didn t like Gilbert s book at all, primarily because she was completely self absorbed Everything about her life w [...]

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