The Warsaw Anagrams

The Warsaw Anagrams #2020

The Warsaw Anagrams It s Autumn The Nazis seal Jews inside a small area of the Polish capital creating an urban island cut off from the outside world Erik Cohen an elderly psychiatrist is forced to move i
  • Title: The Warsaw Anagrams
  • Author: Richard Zimler
  • ISBN: 9781849013697
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s Autumn 1940 The Nazis seal 400,000 Jews inside a small area of the Polish capital, creating an urban island cut off from the outside world Erik Cohen, an elderly psychiatrist, is forced to move into a tiny apartment with his niece and his beloved nine year old nephew, Adam One bitterly cold winter s day, Adam goes missing The next morning, his body is discovered iIt s Autumn 1940 The Nazis seal 400,000 Jews inside a small area of the Polish capital, creating an urban island cut off from the outside world Erik Cohen, an elderly psychiatrist, is forced to move into a tiny apartment with his niece and his beloved nine year old nephew, Adam One bitterly cold winter s day, Adam goes missing The next morning, his body is discovered in the barbed wire surrounding the ghetto The boy s leg has been cut off, and a tiny piece of string has been left in his mouth Soon, another body turns up this time a girl s, and one of her hands has been taken Evidence begins to point to a Jewish traitor luring children to their deathIn this profoundly moving and darkly atmospheric historical thriller, the reader is taken into the most forbidden corners of Nazi occupied Warsaw as well as into the most heroic places of the heart Praise for Richard Zimler A riveting literary murder mystery, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon is also a harrowing picture of the persecution of 16th century Jews and, in passing, an atmospheric introduction to the hermetic Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah Independent on Sunday Zimler is a present day scholar and writer of remarkable erudition and compelling imagination, an American Umberto Eco Spectator Zimler has this spark of genius, which critics can t explain but readers recognise, and which every novelist desires but few achieve Independent Zimler is an honest, powerful writer Guardian.
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    I reproduce the note I sent to the author A few years ago I read The Last Kabbalist without knowing anything about you, only because I liked the subject matter kabbalists and Portugal I really enjoyed it, but nothing prepared me for the Warsaw Anagrams We may sometimes exaggerate in the flush of enthusiasm upon finishing a novel, but I am pretty confident I will not change mind about this this is one of the greatest novels I have ever read, an absolute masterpiece It is moving, funny, deep, beau [...]

    The WWII seen by the eyes of a jewish psichyatrist exiled in the Warsaw guetto And a sad sight it is to be seen.Dr Erik Cohen goes to stay at the cramped appartment of his niece, at the guetto, when the Germans closed the wall to the people there He is not pleased, let alone has to share his bedroom with his grandnephew Adam, who is 9 years old and savy as can be and as all the children of the guetto were.Dr Cohen s existence goes from trying to live in the poor conditions of the gueto, where th [...]

    Although the narrative of this book is driven by the murder of one small boy, it is primarily a book about the Holocaust and the mass murder of millions Despite this, it is however an essentially optimistic book, as it is about the survival of the human spirit and the will to live set against the backdrop of the complete disintegration of basic human moral values the Nazi terror and their Final Solution.Erik is the narrator of the novel, yet he is already dead like virtually everyone else who wa [...]

    Penso que n o foi uma boa altura para o ler, n o saboreei como deveria queria Ou se calhar n o me estava a puxar em algumas partes, mas aqueles ltimos momentos foram bem saboreados Mas agora pergunto me como que posso saborear uma hist ria assim.

    Se querem certezas, ent o receio que tenham de ler uma hist ria sobre outro tempo e outro lugar E outros homens, e outras mulheres Em Vars via, em 1941, n o t nhamos nenhumas para vos dar Os acontecimentos narrados no livro Os Anagramas de Vars via t m como palco uma paisagem obscura manchada pelo nazismo Richard Zimler n o escreveu apenas um romance hist rico, mas sim um enredo poderoso, caracterizado por personagens reais, envoltas numa atmosfera de mist rio.O leitor viaja, atrav s de uma narr [...]

    Muitooo melhor que os contos do mesmo autor que j li em tempos.O nico sen o deste livro que pode ser confuso em algumas partes, n o s por causa dos anagramas que d o t tulo ao livro, mas tamb m

    This book is Historical Fiction WWII set in Warsaw I loved the historical side of this It was a sad meandering of sorts, through life in the Jewish ghetto of Warsaw This book, however, focuses on the murders of some of their children and one elderly man tries to get to the bottom of the mystery This had a slow pace which fit the story The MC was well drawn and certainly had a weighty purpose I also liked the humor the author tied to the old man But I had questions while reading this that never s [...]

    In October 1940, Warsaw s German occupiers ordered that Jews be rounded up and crammed into neighborhoods that took up only two percent of the city This was the Warsaw Ghetto Specially erected high walls, barbed wire and sadistic guards doomed Warsaw s Jews to grim and brutal ways that were only just beginning.One of the doomed is an elderly Jew, Erik Cohen, once a prominent psychiatrist Erik gets by but is already skin and bones We know little about his former life, only that he was respected a [...]

    I enjoyed this historical thriller set in Nazi occupied Poland during World War II The central mystery, involving the murder and mutilation of Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto, is set against the larger injustices of the Holocaust as a whole, making for a read which is both intriguing and heartbreaking There is a poignancy to this story and its characters which transcends the genre of suspense Very well done.

    Mais um bom livro de Richard Zimler que j h algum tempo andava para ler.N o se trata apenas de mais um livro sobre o exterm nio dos judeus, que os nazis alem es e os seus aliados quiseram e tudo fizeram para levar a cabo durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, mas de uma obra que, por ter v rias facetas, muito nos ensina e muito nos faz refletir sobre os comportamentos quando se vive nos limites da sobreviv ncia.Entre setembro de 1940 e dezembro de 1941, nos contada a hist ria na primeira pessoa de um [...]

    Este livro uma grad vel surpresa para quem desconhece a escrita do aclamado Richard Zimmler, autor luso americano que se sagrou com O ltimo Cabalista de Lisboa , best seller que, no entanto, nunca li Esta obra, que a mais recente, cativou me pelo t tulo e sinopse Como visitei Vars via recentemente, bem assim como o pano de fundo desta obra, o Gueto judaico, a leitura tornou se ainda mais interessante.O enredo leva nos pelas ruas, becos e esconderijos do gueto, em pleno Holocausto Apesar desse ne [...]

    The question of what it takes to survie in times of trial is a hard one The question of what happened then and what happened to are even harder The hardest, perhaps, is what happens after This book offers answers to those questions Set in the Warsaw Ghetto, prior to its uprising and liquidation, the book is part mystery, part deep thought, and all good.In America, while we have our guilt over the second World War Japanese Italian German interment , we also had it easier in the war s aftermath No [...]

    Dr Erik Cohen returns to the Warsaw ghetto at the start of this book and relays his story to a stranger who transcribes it As he s supposedly telling this to someone familiar with life in the ghetto, the text doesn t include much description on the environment Whilst it makes sense it doesn t add to the book and I found it hard to picture the streets in which they lived so closely It does however convey a sense of desperation and, above all, a lack of something we all take for granted, nourishin [...]

    O tema sempre um soco no est mago Zimler consegue transportar me aos locais pocas de que escreve T o realmente me senti nas ruas do gueto de Vars via, da II G Mundial, que momentos houve em que corri e me escondi tamb m Momentos em que sufoquei perante a indiferen a e maldade humanas , outros em chorei por um abra o trocado ou uma c dea bolorenta partilhada Apesar ou por eles dos 6 milh es de judeus mortos de forma atroz e inqualific vel, nestas p ginas percorremos acima de tudo, a justi a, a am [...]

    Uno de los libres m s tristes, y con una raz n explicita para serlo Muchas historias sobre el holocausto que buscan enaltecer el esp ritu de los sobrevivientes, hace que olvidemos un poco la tragedia de cada uno de los que no lo lograron, y es te libro es la descripci n exacta de aquellos que no salieron vivos en esa batalla.Lo le con la promesa de ser un libro detectivesco, y la verdad es que tarda un rato en tomar esa narrativa, pero pa cuando te das cuenta, pos ya te ganchaste De cualquier fo [...]

    Tragic and poignant tale of murder and survival inside and outside a Jewish ghetto in Poland Things that people should never have to contemplate, nor decide, are the driving force of this historical fiction We are led through a maze of connections and anagrams that lead to a bitter end Loved this book.

    The Warsaw Anagrams by Richard Zimler is an amazing novel The format, of the novel is layered as is the story, as our main character, Erik Cohen, appears as an ibbur, to another Jewish ghetto resident, Henrik Corben, who then writes Erik s story of these horrific events in the Warsaw ghetto So we have Erik recount the many days of living in Warsaw ghetto and the changes that bring to his life We see the living conditions and the adaptation of these conditions people make sacrifices but keeping a [...]

    Honestamente ainda n o sei bem o que dizer sobre este livro Achei o t o brilhante que penso que ainda estou a tentar voltar a respirar depois desta leitura um livro t o cru e cruel que nos deixa sem f lego mas ao mesmo tempo nos entranha naquele enredo sem conseguimos parar de ler Conta nos uma hist ria, dentro de tantas outras no gueto judeu de Vars via, durante a ocupa o nazi, na qual o sobrinho neto de Erik Cohen, assassinado e lhe cortada uma parte espec fica do corpo Sendo uma narrativa pas [...]

    Comenc a a leer bajo la promesa de ser una historia de detectives y me qued con una de las tragedias particulares, y muy triste, en el ghetto de Varsovia Los milagros existen aunque no siempre son las gloriosas afirmaciones de trascendencia que han pretendido hacernos creer a todos

    Es una novela de misterio, pero la resoluci n del crimen no me termin de convencer El argumento del libro era interesante pero siento que se le pudo haber sacado un mejor provecho.

    The Warsaw Anagrams is a fast moving, powerful and intellectual murder mystery set within wartime Warsaw Poland during World War II Author Richard Zimler carries the reader deep into the daily life of Jews trapped within the horrific Nazi genocide His striking portrayal of diverse characters is poignant and touching Zimler proffers a salient and tender examination of the courage and fortitude exhibited by imprisoned Jews seeking only to survive one day at a time, layered upon a striking murder m [...]

    In The Warsaw Anagrams, by Richard Zimler, the narrator, Erik Cohen, searches for the people who killed his nephew and two other children He s a psychiatrist, who was once respected, but now must deal with the hardships of the ghetto and the change in his station While still respected, he s no longer one of the elite as the ghetto has destroyed the social order from the Before Times The voice of Cohen is rich and unique Zimler stays with him throughout the novel and creates a solid character Coh [...]

    Los anagramas presentados en esta historia tienen que ver antes o despu s con el misterioso asesinato de Adam, el sobrino del ex psiquiatra Erik Cohen alguna vez alumno de Sigmund Freud , habitante del gueto jud o de Varsovia Un lugar que poco a poco va adquiriendo fuerza y dureza, como pieza esencial de los momentos La sed de verdad que transmite la narraci n es indiscutiblemente correcta, aunque lleve varias veces a la venganza o justicia El secreto detr s de los asesinatos del gueto porque no [...]

    This was such a sad book It can be categorised in the detective fiction section but is not what I would call a traditional detective book Set within the Warsaw ghetto, it shows people when they are at their most desperate but also most humane The main characters all seem to have a certain amount of desperation and some have become hopeless with this However, others the main character have devised a purpose for themselves which makes them want to fight on and eventually dare to dream It has the c [...]

    A blurb on the dust jacket of this book compared it to The Shadow of the Wind I can see the comparison Both books are essentially shaggy dog mysteries in which the mystery looses its effect in the meandering of the telling In this case we re in the Warsaw Ghetto rather than Franco s Spain, but the doom and gloom are as palpable In fact, doom and gloom overwhelm to the extent that fatalism is the prime effect of the novel There are likable and interesting characters in this book especially the tw [...]

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